Over 20 years in the e-commerce space.

Matthew Lester Resume


Fanshawe Collage

London, Ontario,1992-1996

Fine Art-1st year of 3 completed

Photography & Graphic Art-2 Year Diploma completed -top student

Portrait Photography & Graphic Art-3rd Year Diploma completed
Reigning top Fujifilm Canada photography competition award (98/100)


Clarke Road Secondary School

London, Ontario, Grade 13 Highschool Diploma

Graduation 1992 - Major in Art



Matthew Lester Website Design (Shopify E-Commerce Specialist)

Toronto, Ontario, 2021-current

Private remote contractor providing Shopify website design (front and back-end), remote tech support and small business consultation for all aspects of an online business including theme integration, product management, Google analytics, domain/server management, user experience, problem solving, traffic increase, digital marketing, app integration, finance analysis/reporting, cloud, and data backup.


Gift Box Portal Online Inc. (President & Manager)

Vancouver, British Columbia, 2002-2020

Owned and operated multiple E-commerce stores, including Shopify, X-cart, Amazon, eBay & Houzz platforms. Total sales over $8 million.


ABC Photocolour (Senior Graphic Artist - Photoshop Specialist)

Vancouver, British Columbia, 1996-2005

High-end digital photo editing and file set up for large size photographic printing. Graphic art clients included photo studios, biopharma companies, trade show participants and celebrity photo artists of prestigious art galleries in Vancouver BC including the Vancouver Art Gallery/Museum. 



  • Shopify: eCommerce store front-end design, back-end management, migration, liquid code. English speaking face-to-face video chat communication with cart education & training, Shopify app integration.
  • eCommerce business consultant, social media, digital marketing, company branding (logo & printed material) photography, photo editing.
  • Ability to increase conversion rate and drive traffic through improved marketing, onsite SEO, loyalty programs and improved user experience. Google analytics with google console, business finance & reporting.
  • Custom PHP inventory server scripts, domain management.
  • Graphic design, Adobe CS, Office 365.
  • Analytical thinker for problem solving. Skilled at delegating responsibilities; leading an eCommerce team physically & remotely.


Beauty, Health & Wellness

Finance Investing & Markets

Business Improvement

Ancient History